The Veldt is a short story written by Ray Bradbury and the first story in The Illustrated Man. It is a science fiction story, like many of Bradbury's works.


The story begins with a housewife named Lydia Hadley asking her husband, George Hadley, about their children's virtual- reality Nursery. George doesn't seem to see anything wrong with the room, but Lydia insists. She goes on to say that if George doesn't look at the Nursery that she will call a psychologist to do it. George finally agrees and they make their way to the Nursery.

It is revealed that the family lives in the future, having a "Happylife Home", which does everything for them. Lights turn on at their presence, and they open the door of the Nursery. Their eyes meet an African Veldt-land, created by the children's imagination and the Nursery's ability to connect telepathically with them, showing everything they wish to see. Everything looks fine to George, but he starts to re-think once Lydia points to a pride of lions, enjoying a bloody lunch in the shade of a tree. The two escape from a pouncing lion just in time to keep their lives, according to Lydia. George chuckles at her fear, insisting that they were only walls and not dangerous, but she suggests otherwise and begs him to tell the children not to read any more on Africa and to lock up the Nursery for a few days. He reluctantly agrees due to the children's obsession to the room and temper when they were locked out of it.

When the children come after a trip, George confronts the children about the violence of their thoughts, but Wendy, the young girl, runs off and changes the scenery of the Nursery. George is not pleased at the children's actions, particularly Peter, the boy, for sending Wendy in the first place.

That night, George and Lydia hear the vicious roars of lions and disturbingly familiar screams from the Nursery. They suspect that their children are not in bed, but indeed, in the Nursery. This brings to their attention, even more than the last events, that their children are thinking of very graphic images that ten-year-olds should not be thinking of, to the point where both of them are afraid.

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